Saturday, June 28, 2008

This is one of my puppies from the first litter, Annabell.
She's babysitting some of the second litter so mom
can get some rest.

Thanks for stopping by.

As you will soon discover, this is my first blog. I subscribe to some and read a lot of other blogs and thought this would be a fun way to meet others.

I am an avid crafter, make my own greeting cards, scrapbook, take tons of pictures, you name a craft and I've probably tried it.

I tried raising dogs, Great Pyrenees, but selling them just broke my heart, so I gave that up. Now I have 2 - Isabella and Zackery. I also have a mini Schnauzer, Rudy O'Reilly (he's really a clown in a dog suit). Love them all too much.

I also collect gem stones and way too many. I would love to reduce my inventory, so if you're interested I have topaz, garnet, peridot, rubys, emeralds. You name it and I probably have it. Also some left over jewelry from my Ebay days. These are all real no glass or fakes.